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We all know that the BEP family is quite large and all are part of a large gear that cause the group to function well. But not all fans know who helps the BEP in their daily lives, and that’s why we’re bringing you this interview.

Today you will know more about the responsible for assembling the looks of the Black Eyed Peas, her name Lor-e Philips. The designer stumbled give us this interview and was super friendly! She told very interesting thing, as when she met, as is fitting the costumes, and talk about your personal life with Peas.

Without further ado, here is the interview with Lor-e Phillips:

PortalBEP: How did you start to take interest in the fashion world?

Lor-e Phillips: My mother taught me to sew when I was young so I started sewing my own clothes to be different from everyone else at school

PortalBEP: Who do you get inspired?

Lor-e Phillips: I really get inspiration from everywhere and of all people, it depends on the day, but it is clear that is inspiring in every way, not just related to fashion … I have some good fashion conferences with Taboo, I love his ideas and tastes …

PortalBEP: What was the biggest challenge to create your own Lor-e Phillips brand?

Lor-e Phillips: Understand that this is a job, although fun is a lot of work that someone has been dedicated 100%

bep00201PortalBEP: How did you meet

Lor-e Phillips: We met once at a nightclub, even though we had not old enough to be there and we were still teenagers, was the night of Brian Austin Green and all of us in there would get together every Thursday … will was dancing and I told him he was really good at it, so we started talking about clothes and became friends ever since.

PortalBEP: What is the biggest problem or challenge of working with the Peas?

Lor-e Phillips: Deadlines. Sometimes only a few hours to join the looks, that’s a lot of pressure, but it’s always fun and exciting.

PortalBEP: You also worked with many other artists such as The Pussycat Dolls and Steve Aoki … There is some difficulty in building an identity for each artist?

Lor-e Phillips: Most artists already have their own vibe and its visual, so it’s just a matter of gathering the things they would feel comfortable in dressing and build from there.

PortalBEP: You are also responsible for the costumes of the Black Eyed Peas videos. How is the job of making the costumes while focusing on the concept of the video?

Lor-e Phillips: For each video I talk to the director about his vision and take note of the costumes as color palettes and certain styles you want, then shortly after that we give life vision.

PortalBEP: How is the process of creating clothing or fashion? You inspire the song or the album?

Lor-e Phillips: Sometimes yes, I draw on some of the songs, they all are so great that it is not hard to get inspired. Create clothes usually starts from a sketch or an idea after transforming it into a piece of clothes. And it’s always exciting to see her walking around in a person rather than a hanger. Recently we did the video for the new song from the Black Eyed Peas “Yesterday” and it was fun to ride old looks with 2015 pinches.

PortalBEP: What was the most difficult piece you did for the Black Eyed Peas?

Lor-e Phillips: Wow! Good question! There were so many over the years it is hard to say.

PortalBEP: About the changes that the Black Eyed Peas suffered during these years, what was the biggest challenge for you?

Lor-e Phillips: Not really a challenge, but as far as natural. We were constantly evolving and incorporating new ideas while retaining the style, so it was more of an evolution than a challenge.

PortalBEP: You worked with the Peas on tour? If so, personally, what is the best and the worst part of being on tour?

Lor-e Phillips: I’ve been on a few dates, but I prefer to stay in Los Angeles working on the clothes lines and keep everything together here as they are on the road. I usually have an assistant with them on tour.

PortalBEP: What other artists you want to work?bep00202

Lor-e Phillips: I would love to work with Melissa Etheridge again … And I always wanted to work with Marilyn Manson.

PortalBEP: You created some costumes for their solo work? Which are?

Lor-e Phillips: Yes, enough to remember … haha. I’ve been working with the Black Eyed Peas since 2001.

PortalBEP: How did meet with the Peas to return this year?

Lor-e Phillips: We are a big family so it’s always good to work together. But working together has been constant since the first day.

PortalBEP: How is your relationship with the fans of the BEP?

Lor-e Phillips: I love them, they are the reason for everything we are and where we are. I hope they continue to support us and enjoy all the things that the future will bring for them Emoticon smile

PortalBEP: We will have news about Lor-e Phillips?

Lor-e Phillips: Always. Stay tuned to the news for the new line of clothes that I’m working with

PortalBEP: Finally, you could leave a message for fans of BEP?

Lor-e Phillips: Thanks for the support over the years and the interest of my role with the Black Eyed Peas, I hope you enjoy all that we send to you from the future!

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